I know that Wayne Stewart is continuing to scan some of the A+ magazines for us, but the last two weeks or so I haven't had any free time.  I received a pallet of systems in last week, and this week I received 9 large cartons of Apple II hardware in, so I have been swamped with work to get those items inventoried, stored & then begin tackling them for eventual sale in my webstore.   More...
In amongst all that hardware, I have found some really neat items.  One of the large shipments was from a retired doctor in Florida who did biofeedback research for a number of years using the Apple II, so I now have the biofeedback hardware & software.  A number of MECC titles were included so I hope to get those archived & up for download here shortly.  I've also come across a number of cards that I need to photograph for our library.

On top of all this, I am an election official and have taken on a part-time job for our county Election Board, so this next month until Election Day is going to be intense here.  I am continuing to scan the A+ collection I have here, albeit a slow process right now, and will continue to get them all up here as fast as I can.  I want to thank Wayne once more for his continuing work in this area - his contributions are greatly appreciated!

One more note: I did go back and re-create ALL of the PDFs I created for A2OL so that they are ALL printable PDFs.  There were over 250 PDFs that I originally created, so that was no small job, but fortunately I got it done before this hardware deluge and the election work revved up.  So all files marked with a red heart - original A2OL scans - are now printable!