With the election just a few days away & the complications afforded by Hurricane Sandy, we continue to be ultra-busy at the Election Registrar's Office.  Haivng the day off today, I managed to update the photo libraries with the addition of a lot of new photos to most of the libraries. More...
Both Terry & I are election officials, so we're taking a well-needed vacation starting a week after the elections.  Once December rolls around, I hope to have a lot more time to devote to A2OL, in particular, continuation of scanning inCider & A+ Magazine issues.  I just purchased 7 more issues, so we're slowly but surely filling in the library.  But we still need plenty of issues!  So please, if you can provide any high-quality (300 dpi or greater) scans of missing issues, or are willing to lend your physical copies to me to scan, we would all appreciate very much your contributions!

Now, get out and VOTE!!!