July Statistics

Duirng July 2013, we added 16 new high-quality PDFs and 32 new program disks to the libaries.
The following PDFs were added:
Apple II Family Pinouts 
Apple II LSuper Serial Card User's Manual
Apple IIe Technical Reference Manual
CPS Alaska Card Manual
CPS Alaska Card Manual Addendum
Epyx Create A Calendar Box
Epyx Create A Calendar Manual
MicroSci A2 Drive Installation Instructions
Pascal Primer
Preliminary Apple BASIC User's Manual 1976 
Sams Apple II Monitor A3M0039
SAMS Apple Printer A9M0303
SAMS ComputerFacts: Apple IIe
Sider User's Manual
SMT Printech II User's Manual
UCSD Pascal Quick Reference Card 

The following software was added:
Create a Calendar
Curve Fitter
Epyx Create A Calendar
MECC - Cavity Busters (A284)
MECC - Clean Water Detectives (A282)
MECC - Crypto Quest (A340)
MECC - Designer Prints (A252)
MECC - Designer Puzzles (A223)
MECC - Five Star Forecast (A219)
MECC - Genetics 20 (A40)
MECC - Genetics 30 (A40)
MECC - Grammar Monsters
MECC - Keyboarding Master - Games and Skills
MECC - Labels, Letters, and Lists
MECC - Lunar Greenhouse (A215)
MECC - Money Works (A195)
MECC - Murphy's Minerals (A221)
MECC - Paper Plane Pilot (A281)
MECC - Phonic Prime Time Blends and Digraphs (A179)
MECC - Problem Solving with Nim (A257)
MECC - Quotient Quest (A148)
MECC - Sky Lab (A155)
MECC - Spellevator List Editor (A232)
MECC - Spellevator(A231)
MECC - Spelling Workout List Editor (A230)
MECC - Subtraction Puzzles (A146)
MECC - The Market Place (A160)
MECC - Wood Car Rally (A214)
Micro Cookbook
Scientific Plotter