System Additions - August 2013

We added 50 original PDFs and 4 new software programs during August 2013.  Enjoy!
The following PDFs were added to the libraries:

A+ Magazine 87-05 KBS
A+ Magazine 87-06 KBS
A+ Magazine 87-07 KBS
A+ Magazine 87-08 KBS
A+ Magazine 87-09 KBS
A+ Magazine 87-10 KBS
A+ Magazine 87-11 KBS
A+ Magazine April 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine August 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine December 1983
A+ Magazine December 1983 REVISED
A+ Magazine February 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine January 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine July 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine June 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine March 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine May 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine November 1983 REVISED
A+ Magazine October 1991 REVISED
A+ Magazine September 1991 REVISED
AE RAMWorks II User's Manual
Apple Programmer's Aid 1 Manual
Compute's First Book of Apple
Disk Access Manual 
Disk Access Quick Reference
Graphic Writer III Version 2.0 Addendum
HyperStudio Activity Workbook
HyperStudio Hypermedia Demo Kit & Resource Guide
inCider A+ February 1993
inCider A+ January 1993
inCider A+ Magazine 91-03
inCider A+ Magazine April 1991
inCider A+ Magazine May 1992 REVISED
inCider A+ Magazine October 1992 REVISED
IO Silver Manual
MECC Data Handler Diskettes Photo
MECC Data Handler User Manual
MECC Oh Deer! Disk Photos
MECC Oh Deer! Manual
MECC The Friendly Computer Manual
MECC The Friendly Computer Photo of Disks
Microsoft Premium SoftCard IIe Package
RAMWorks User Manual 1.0 
RAMWorks User Manual 1.2
Sams Apple II Troubleshooting & Repair Guide KB
Super Menu Pack Manual
Writer's Choice Elite Addenda
Writer's Choice Elite Box
Writer's Choice Elite Manual
Zoom Grafix Manual

The following software was added to the libraries:

Disk Access
Graphic Writer III Version 2.0
Super Menu