September Additions

Fourteen (14) original high-quality PDFs and 7 new software titles were added to the system during September.  Enjoy!

The following original high-quality PDFs were added:

Additional Type Sets
AP-64e EPROM Programmer User's Manual
Apparat PROM Blaster Manual
Apple IIc Keyboards, Keycaps & Keyswitches: Differences & Repair
Central Point Software Catalog 
Disk arRanger Manual
inCider A+ Magazine 92-02
inCider A+ Magazine 92-03
inCider A+ Magazine 92-06
inCider A+ Magazine 92-07
MicroSci Floppy Disk System A2 Manual
Polarware Undated Product Brochure
Shortcuts Manual
Transylvania Manual

The following software titles were added:

No-Slot Clock Utilities 1.4
Penguin Additional Type Sets
Penguin Disk arRanger 
Penguin Graphics Magician Picture Painter
Penguin Graphics Magician REVISED
Sword of Kadash