Happy New Year!


With the onset of another new year, I am pleased to announce the opening of our newest product library - Penguin Software/Polarware!  I've been working with Mark Pelczarski, founder of Penguin Software...

for the past several months.  Through this cooperative effort we have been able to locate just about all of the Penguing Software/Polarware product catalog of offerings.  Mark has found copies of many of the programs without the copy protection schemes used early on, and we have created new program download files for almost everything we've found.  Likewise, all of the documentation we could find - manuals, product boxes, product brochures, etc. - have been scanned and placed into high resolution PDFs.  They're now available here in the library!

The library here has some items not available anywhere else, including the full text of Mark's acclained book, Graphically Speaking,
and all of the program listings from the book, as well as two versions of a game that was the precursor for what eventually became The Spy's Demise.

We continue to hunt down the few remaining products we don't have in our own collections so if you have any and are willing to contribute, we would greatly appreciate your help!  I have a few more items to get scanned - a few product boxes - and they will be added in short order.

I wish to publically thank my friend Mark for all his assistance and contributions here.  Mark has also donated a few brand new copies of his book, Graphically Speaking, for sale in my
webstore so get a copy while you can!