CFFA3000 Card For Sale on eBay

If you're looking for a brand new CFFA3000 card - from Run 3 (the latest), I have one for sale on eBay... <more>
eBay auction #151355233432.  This is a brand new, never used CFFA3000 Rev C (run 3) card along with a GSOS 6.0.1 Installation Kit for the Apple IIGS.  The GSOS 6.0.1 Installation Kit is a small kit I put together consisting of a new 128 MB CompactFlash card configured as a single 128 MB HFS volume under GSOS (ProDOS 6.0.1), a new 128 MB USB thumbdrive with GSOS, ProDOS 2.0.3, DOS 3.3 and Copy II Plus 9 image files installed, a USB extension cable, and a CD containing a Quick Start document as well as archival (backup) copies of the files on the USB drive.  This system is geared especially for IIGS owners who wish to boot into GSOS, have a large solid-state hard drive, have access to all of their physical 3.5 and 5.25 drives while simultaneously having access to the CFFA3K's virtual drives.

The kit itself is also available, sans CFFA3K card, in my Blujay webstore.