inCider Collection Now Complete

January 26, 2015

I today uploaded the last 17 issues of inCider magazine.  Of the 127 total issues of inCider published, we have 123 issues scanned & online now.  I am still looking for the 4 missing issues, so if you have any of those 4, your contribution would be most welcome! More...

I wish to thank all of those who have contributed to the inCider effort - their names appear next to the issue(s) they contributed and will remain a part of the permanent record.

Contributors to the effort:

Wayne Stewart provided scans of 6 issues

The following folks contributed issues for scanning:

Karlton Wirsling - 25 issues
Colin Williamson - 10 issues
Shaun Olson - 8 issues
Cyril Bodnar - 7 issues
Simon Hogh - 2 issues
Javier Puerta - 1 issue

(When an issue was received by more than one contributor, the first contributor was cited for the contribution.)