Software Library

Software Library

The primary purpose of any library is to preserve cultural relics and this software library is no different!  The Software Library contains software disk images that can be downloaded and used to re-create the floppy disks using DiskMaker 8 or any other utility which supports the compressed format.  All of the download files are in ZIP disk format for universality of downloading.  UnZIP the downloaded file to access the individual disk image(s) for the software title.  You may transfer the downloaded disk images from your PC to your Apple II using ADTPro if you have a Uther card, or via CompactFlash drive if you have a ReactiveMicro MicroDrive IDE installed in your Apple II.

All of the titles listed in this library are in the public domain, having been public domain, commercial titles since abandoned, or commercial titles that have been subsequently released to the public domain.  If you are the owner of a particular software title and you wish for it to be delisted here, please contact the systems administrator.

If you find a problem with a particular download, or wish to contribute to the Software Library, please contact us.  We are always happy to have contributors!

The nature of this library is such that software included has come from a variety of sources.  As such, the quality may vary considerably from title to title.  If you find that a title has issues, please let us know.  If you have a better copy that you would like to contribute, contact us - we always welcome contributions!

Software Libraries:

Apple Operating Systems

Appleworks Software & Documentation

Beagle Bros Software

Club Apple Disk of the Month

Pinpoint Publishing Software

Penguin / Polarware Software     

Software A - C

Software D - F

Software G - L

Software M - P

Software Q - S

Software T - Z