Software Q - S

Please click on the software (listed in brown) you wish to download.  Software manuals are PDF files which may be viewed online or downloaded, and are listed in black.

 indicates for the Apple IIGS ONLY.  indicates an original A2OL high-quality PDF.


Q Drive Utilities 2.02


QRAM2e V4.0

Quick-Draft  (Interactive Micro)                       


Quick File II (Apple)              
          ♥ Quick File II Manual          

Quick-Shape  (Interactive Micro)                     

Quick Spell                         

Quickie 2.03              


Rainbow Painter

RAM Stack Plus                  

RAM UP               
          ♥ RAM UP Manual               

Real Software Utilities



Robot Assembly Lab  (Courtesy of Eric Bush / Kitchen Sink Software)
          Robot Assembly Lab Info
          Robot Assembly Lab Commands Card         


Saltines Super Transcopy

 Salvation Supreme GS

 Sassy Software IIGS

Saturn 32K RAM Software

Saturn 128K RAM Software

Scientific Plotter  (Interactive Micro)                             

ScreenWriter ][           ◄Recommended by A2OL
          ScreenWriter ][ Manual     
          ScreenWriter ][ Reference Cards     
          ScreenWriter ][ Warranty Card     

ScreenWriter ][e

SCSI Tape Backup      ◄Recommended by A2OL

SCSI Utilities

Sector Inspector 1.0

SeniorPROM 3.0

Sensible Speller

Shape Mechanic

Shoe Box

Show Off

SHR Convert 2.1

ShrinkIt! GS         ◄Recommended by A2OL


Sider Hard Drive Utilities

First Class Peripherals Sider Utilities (newer)

Sideways   (for printing spreadsheet data)        
          ♥ Sideways User's Manual            
          ♥ Sideways Advertisement               
          ♥ Sideways Configuration Guide                      

Signature GS             ◄Recommended by A2OL            
           Signature GS Manual               
          ♥ Signature GS Manual Addendum               

Simply Perfect Word Processor

Skew Formatter 1.4

Slot Scanner 1.62  (Disk Image Only)

Slot Scanner 1.62 Package  (Disk Image & Documentation)

Smart Money 1.5

SmartComm I (Hayes Telecomm)

          ♥ SmoothTalker Handbook              

Softcard CPM

Softcard IIe (Microsoft)


          ♥ SoftSwitch User's Manual
          ♥ SoftSwitch Quick Start Guide

Softwood GSFile

SoftWorks 4.1

Sonic Blaster


Sound Editor   (Link directly to Michael Mahon's site)


Spectra Graphix 256

 Spectrum 2.53                   
          Spectrum 2.53 Program Manual                       
          Spectrum 2.53 Reference Manual                        
          Spectrum 2.53 Scripting Manual

Springboard Certificate Maker
          ♥ Springboard Certificate Maker User's Manual

Springboard The Newsroom (need software)
          ♥ Springboard The Newsroom Manual                         

Springboard Publisher          
          Springboard Publisher Desktop Reference          
          Springboard Publisher Getting Started Manual          
          Springboard Publisher StyleSheets Manual         

Springboard Publisher Works of Art          
          Springboard Publisher Works of Art Manual

Street Electronics Echo II Utilities                    

            Echo II Speech Synthesizer User's Manual                            
Echo II Speech Synthesizer Reference Card                

Sudoku Solver v2.0 for the Apple II   (Link directly to Michael Mahon's site)

Super Award Maker

Super Convert                 
Super Convert 4.0          
Super Expander E

Super Forms

Super Graphics 3D

Super IOB Vols 1 & 2                   

 Super Menu Pack                 
          ♥ Super Menu Pack Manual                    

Super Patch v8 (3.5 Disk)                              
Super Patch v8 (5.25 Disk)                                    
Super Patch v8 User's Guide                           

Super Text Home & Office


Super Print

Supersonic Digitizer

SuperTerm Telecomm

System II  (Courtesy of Eric Bush / Kitchen Sink Software)
          System II Info


Miscellaneous Manuals

The following is a list of software manuals for which we do not currently have the software. If you have any of the titles below, please contribute them!


System II Info

 Sierra Online Advertising Insert                     

 WPL Manual (Word Processing Language)