Adult Educational Software

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 indicates for the Apple IIGS ONLY.

   Airplane Construction Set
   Architectural Design
   BASIC Primer (Learning Aid for BASIC Language)
   Bon Appetit Cookbook
   Dream House
   Executive Secretary
   Financial Cookbook
   Gardeners Assistant
German Vocabulary Quizzer                     
Greek Transliterator
   Handwriting Analysis
   Home Accountant
Housecall Home Medical Encyclopedia           
Magic Office System
Managing For Success - People Management           
Managing Your Money 5.0
   Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 
   MECC - Business Education Accounting  (A721)       
MECC - Business Utilities  (A143)                  
MECC - Smoking Its Up To You  (A143)               
Micro Bar Mate        
   Millionaire Stock Market Simulation                  
Navigator BASIC Flowcharter                
Personal Poet
Prenatal Development & Childbirth             
   Scholastic HyperScreen
Sexuality Life Dynamic                        
SpeedRead 3.2
Teach Yourself Principles of Accounting       
The Home Accountant
   The Word (Bible Study)
   Typing Tutor 1
Understanding Food Labels                    
White Water Canoe Race