Pre-Adult: R - Z

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indicates for the Apple IIGS ONLY.

   Railroad Works                                         
Road Rally USA                                          
Robot Assembly Lab                                     
Robot Odyssey                                          
Roman Numerals                                          
Scholastic HyperScreen
Sea Voyagers                                            
Sensible Grammar                                       
Shell Games                                            
Sky Travel Astronomy                                    
Snooper Troops                                         
Spanish Bilingual                                      
Spanish Grammar                                        
Spanish Hangman                                        
Speed Reader                                           
SpeedRead Plus      
Spelling Series Toolkit                                 
Sticky Bear ABC                                         
Sticky Bear BASIC                                      
Sticky Bear Math                                       
Sticky Bear Math 2                                      
Sticky Bear Numbers                                    
Sticky Bear Parts of Speech                            
Sticky Bear Reading Comp                               
Sticky Bear Reading                                    
Sticky Bear Townbuilder                                
Sticky Bear Typing                                     
Sticky Bear Word Problems                              
Success with Math                                      
Super Story Tree                                       
Telly Turtle                                           
The Body Transparent                                   
Think Quick                                            
Think Tank                                             
Ticket to London                                       
Ticket to Paris                                        
Typing Tutor 1
Typing Tutor 2                                         
Typing Tutor 3                                         
US History Quiz                                        
Visible Computer                                       
Vocabulary Lessons                                      
Where In Europe Is Carmen Sandiego                      
Where In the USA Is Carmen Sandiego                     
Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego                  
Word Attack!