Club Apple GS Disk-of-the-Month

GS Disk-of-the-Month Collection

This collection of 3.5" diskettes was part of a lot of Apple II items I recently purchased.  After searching the internet, I was unable to find any reference to this collection and so I decided to preserve it here.  As you can see, we currently have about 1/3 of the known disks in this collection so if you can contribute any of the missing disks, please use the Contact Us page to email me.

  ##    Disk Contents                                                                                                      
  00  ANSI.View; Anti.Virus; Button,Schol; Simple.Script; Super.View; Show.PIC
  01  Crystal Quest Demo; AWGS Info; Batman Cards; Alarm & Screen Saver; Pyramid; AWGS U.S.; ShowPIC
  02  Lotto GS; Shanghai Tiles; RomulansGS; Apple RX; CopyKiller; Reboot GS; Sector Inspector; AWGS Palette
  05  IconEditors/Files/Tips; Sonic Blaster Demo; Breakcursor; Papersaver NDA
  07  Tonight's Sky; Chps & Dps; Original Adventure; AWGS D.B.; Color Cursor; Color It!; Text Printer; Rinky DA
  09  Bouncing Bluster (3 disks)
  11  Hangman; Geometry; Mental Fix; Superlathe; BrainTeaser; French Verbs; Music Game; More
  12  One Arm Battle
  13  Photonix
  14  Concentrate; FourPlay; SoundStudio; Joystick DA; Salvation Backup Demo; MathMusic; Icons; More
  16  Yahtzee; Moonbase HS; DeskColor; SlotStarters; FontViewer; Quadimono; PS Graphics
  17  FFG.Demo; DiskAccess.Demo; ImageWriter.FAST; MacPaint; ShowPic 4; Load DA; Write It!; SuperRes
  19  ShrConvert; Auto Race; Calvin & Hobbs Cards; PS Graphics
  20  Write It!; AWGS Files; Card Converter; Find File; BounceIt!; Wheel of Fortune
  27  GSLabels Demo; Hearts; Background Sound
  32 Milestones 2000
  35 Carmen SanDiego; El Macro; U.S. Tiles; ClipIt; Twilight; Calculator; Clock; More
  37 Cosmocade
  41 Alert Sound; Keypresto; BattleChess; GS.Spy; Card Games; AreaCode DA; Metric Measure Tutorial
  43 SynthLAB; SynthLAB Music
  45 QBurt; Events Editor; PixMix; KeyRapper; Calendars; VideoDisk Labels; More
  49 Utility Works; Minimize; Chronos II; Print Screen; Data.Delete; Elevators
  52 ColumnsGS
  54 File Manager; AppleRX; Cartoon Sounds; Dr. Mario; WriteAway; SHR View; MemoryBar DA; More
  56 Finder Reader; B.E.T.; Font Engineer; Dinosaur; Quadronome; "A" Train; Knob Animation; More
  58 ShrinkItGS; Desk Color; Pic Librarian; UltraBlank; AutoMenus; D.T. Painter; SD RAM Disk; More
  62 TimeMasterGS; HS Animations; Super DataPatch; MenuMaster; LotsaTools; QuickLaunch; MinesGS
  67 Beauty & Beast; ZipGS Fixes; File Manager; ProBoot; HotKeys; Cursor Tracker; ScrollIcons; More
  71 Baseball Trivia; File-A-Trix; Sierpinski Stack; ComicsCarToon; Font Sheet; Quite-To; Accessing; More
  90 3 Games NDA; 2 Color Boarder; RefreshDesktop; Pointless Patch; ShadowWrite; rSounder; PuzzleGS
  91 Quest for the Hoard; Bowling; Space Arrow; TT Fonts; Chess Piece; Eightball