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Starting as early as 1978, Mark Pelczarski published Magic Paintbrush under the MP Software brand. From 1980 through 1987, Penguin Software, and then Polarware, published a number of software titles that were all related to graphics - whether it was graphic games or graphics utilities. Mark and his companies played a very important role in the Apple II world and we are happy to work with Mark to offer many of the Penguin Software / Polarware titles here.

If you have any of the missing titles (listed in GRAY) - software, documentation or both - and wish to contribute to the library here, please use the Contact Us page to email us with the title(s) of your contributions.

Key: = Apple IIGS Required
  = Original A2OL High Quality Scan
  Software Available
  Documentation Available
  Software &/or Documentation Needed

Note: There are several games and 1 program for which the files are corrupted.  These are indicated by [name] and are currently not available for download.  We are working on obtaining fresh, working copies of these files.  If you have them, we would appreciate your contribution!

Software Catalogs

 Penguin Software Catalog

Polarware Undated Product Brochure             

 Penguin - The Graphics People Software Catalog                  


Arcade Boot Camp              

Bouncing Kamungas      

Crime Wave  (1983)           

Expedition Amazon  (1984)               

[Minit Man]  (1982)            
Oo-Topos  (1987)                      
Pensate  (1983)               

Pie Man  (1982)                 

Poof v1  (became Spy's Demise)                    
Poof v3  (became Spy's Demise)                     

Ring Quest  (1984)                
     ♥ Ring Quest Manual         

Spy's Demise  (1982)     

Stellar 7  (1984)       

Sword of Kadash  (1984)        
[Talisman] (1987)      

The Crimson Crown         

The Coveted Mirror        

The Quest  (1983)     

[The Quest] Double-Res Version
The Spy Strikes Back  (1983)                    

[The Spy's Adventures in Europe]  (1986) *                      

[The Spy's Adventures in North America]  (1986)*                        

[The Spy's Adventures in South America] *                             

The Spy's Demise                          

Transylvania  (Single Resolution)  (1982)            
[Transylvania] (Double Resolution)                
       ♥ Transylvania Manual        
The Crimson Crown: Further Adventures in Transylvania  (1991)      
         The Crimson Crown Map             
         The Crimson Crown Journal               
       ♥  The Crimson Crown Poster           

Transylvania III: Vanquish the Night] (1990)*                        

Xyphus  (1984)            

Productivity Software

Cat Graphics           
     ♥ Cat Graphics User Manual              

Disk arRanger (1984)
Disk arRanger Manual                

Disk Repair Kit                

Home Connection                               
     ♥ Home Connection User Manual                            
     ♥ Home Connection Box                     

Home Data Manager                 
     ♥ Home Data Manager User Manual                 

Magic Paintbrush                       

Map Pack                    
     ♥ Map Pack Box                  

[Paper Graphics] (1983)                  
     ♥ Paper Graphics User Manual        
     ♥ Paper Graphics Box                                           

Short Cuts (1983)
     ♥ Short Cuts Manual               

Special Effects   (Contributed by Keith Golon)                    
      Special Effects Manual                   

The Complete Graphics System II
     ♥ The Complete Graphics System II User Manual
     ♥ Additional Fonts & Character Sets for the Complete Graphics System
     ♥ Tablet Commands 1
Tablet Commands 2                

The Complete Graphics System Double-Res                             

The Grahpics Magician

Additional Type Sets for The Graphics Magician
     ♥ Additional Type Sets Manual

The Grahpics Magician Picture Painter (Special 128K Apple Double-Res Edition)     
     ♥ The Graphics Magician Picture Painter User Manual              

      Transitions User's Manual       

Graphically Speaking

Mark Pelczarski

With a hearty "Thank You!" to Mark, is proud to be able to offer you a digital copy of Mark's famous and well-sought-after book, Graphically Speaking. In addition, Mark has made available all of the program listings from the book on an Apple DOS 3.3 5.25" floppy disk format for download.

Graphically Speaking by Mark Pelczarski

Program Listings from Graphically Speaking

Graphically Speaking

Mark Pelczarski