Reading PDF Files

The PDF files listed with a red heart symbol before their name are originals that were created for A2OL by Dr. Kenneth Buchholz, unless otherwise noted.  The PDFs were created in PDF version 1.7 with 256-bit AES encryption protecting the files only against editing; no password is required for reading or printing the files.  If you find you're receiving errors when trying to read/print the files, please make sure that:

(1) the PDF app you are using supports PDF version 1.7 with 256-bit AES encryption.  Many free apps currently do not support PDF v 1.7/256-bit AES encyption, so if you continue to have problems in opening A2OL PDFs, you may need to get a different PDF Reader (vs a PDF Editor) app that does support PDF v 1.7/256-bit AES encyption.

(2) your PDF app is not set, by default, to attempt to open PDFs in editing mode.  Most PDF Editors do!  Many free PDF editors are set to open PDFs in editing mode by default.  Make sure your app's default is set to open PDFs in read-only (and print-only) mode.