CFFA3000 & EMU Support Files

CFFA3000 & Floppy EMU Support Files

This page provides some additional support for the CFFA3000 card (developed by Rich Dreher) and the Floppy EMU card (developed by Steve Chamberlin).  The "CFFA3000 Blank Disk Image files will work unmodified on the Floppy EMU as well as on the CFFA3000 card.

indicates an original A2OL file

♥ Dr. Ken's CFFA3000 Apple IIGS Tutorial (v 1.1)   
How to set up and use the CFFA3000 on an Apple IIGS 
       with GSOS & large HFS volume support          
       (No password required for reading/printing)    

 CFFA3000 Blank Disk Images 1           
       Provides blank disk images from 8 MB to 512 MB in size         

 CFFA3000 Blank Disk Image 1 GB                  

 CFFA3000 Blank Disk Image 1.5 GB             

 Slightly Smaller Blank Disk Images                
      Provides blank disk images that are slightly smaller than standard sizes

The Floppy EMU is a wonderful device that is available year-round.  If you are looking for additional information, check Steve's Floppy EMU webpage here and you may also enjoy reading his blog here.